Aims and Learning Outcomes

The Undergraduate Curriculum of the History and Archaeology Department aims to provide historians, archaeologists and art historians with the knowledge and skills to acquire an in-depth understanding of human societies and cultures from the origins of the human species to the present. The Department will also provide graduates with the knowledge, understanding and experience of research methods and practices in history, archaeology and the history of art as well as familiarity with the application of these disciplines vis a vis contemporary society. The course aims to enhance the graduates' opportunities for employment in education, conservation, presentation of monuments, and Cultural Heritage Management.

Graduates will acquire the following skills according to their area of interest in specialization and their chosen practice: a) History  teaching in secondary education, b) preservation, study and  presentation of archaeological monuments, c) scientific research  skills in the history and culture from the Paleolithic to the modern  times, d) scientific research skills in various scientific facilities  and Institutes in Greece and internationally, e) organizing and  participating in the outreach of historical, archaeological,  art-historical and anthropological knowledge in museums and various  training courses to do with public history, archaeology, history of  art and anthropology, f) providing expertise on issues of  bioarchaeology, extensive techniques of archaeological resources,  culture, theory of archaeology, theory of art as well as specific  issues (numismatic. epigraphical, paleographical), g) providing  expertise on issues of filing and archive organization and collections  on a local, national and international footing, h) performing  archaeological excavations, conducting archaeological survey (surface  research) and art-historical, ethnographic, folklore and historical  field research, i) providing documentation of cultural artifacts and  j) providing expertise to civil service commissions.Graduates of the History and Archaeology Department also acquire the  skills to: l) apply their knowledge of the fields of history.  archaeology and history of art, 2) communicate in a second language, 3) work in groups of international mix, 4) work in an  interdisciplinary environment, 5) develop and carry out research  plans, 6) coordinate team work for the highest possible degree of  productivity, 7) understand and respect cultural diversity, 8) show  consideration for cultural and gender diversity, 9) respect the  importance of preserving cultural and environmental heritage observing  professional, social and moral responsibility and 10) promote free thinking in the fields of history, archaeology and history of art.