Conference Coverage

International Conference "Salonica Front in World War I" 2nd day

The second day of the conference took place at the Hall of Aristotle University Research Commitee. 

Morning session: Strategic planning and political implications 

Coordinator: Sir Hew Strachan 

10.00-10.20      Spiridon Sfetas :  “From Gallipoli to Thessaloniki: The legacy of the Greco-Serbian Alliance, the Bulgarian factor and the formation of the Salonica Front, 1915-1916”

10.20-10.40 Constantine Ailianos: "Diplomatic  and military engagement of Austro-Hungary at the Balkan front"

International Conference "Salonica Front in World War I" 1st day

Few hours have left for the beggining of the International Conference 

The first day of the Conference will take place at the Ceremony Hall of University of Macedonia 

Coordinator of the first session : Yannis Mourelos 

18.30-19.00 Sir Hew Strachan: “1915: the search for solutions” 

19.00-19.30 Georges-Henri Soutou: «La stratégie périphérique dans le contexte de la Grande Guerre»

19.30-20.00 Yannis Mourelos: “Le Front d'Orient dans la Grande Guerre. Enjeux et stratégies”

20.00-20.30  Music Consert