The Programme

Thursday 10 May 2018 Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith (Chair)  
19.00-19.30 Addresses  
19.30-20.00 Jay M. Winter (Keynote) The Second Great War, 1917-1923
20.00-20.30 Kostas Kostis (Keynote) The economic mobilization of Greece, 1914-18
20.30-20.45 Mark Mazower (video message) The great transformation: Macedonia, 1912-22
20.45-21.00 Discussion  
21.00-22.00 Welcome reception (Εnfant gâté)*  
Friday 11 May 2018    
Morning session Kostas Kostis (Chair) Behind the Lines
09.00-09.20 Hortense Chauvin Sex in the city: Gender relations between the civilian population and the Allied Army of the Orient in the city of Salonika, 1916-1918. 
09.20-09.40 Jasmina Tomasevic Accounts of Serb soldiers on daily life behind the lines
09.40-10.00 Alan Wakefield Cameras with the British Salonika Force
10.00-10.20 Roderick Bailey ‘Baby killers’ in the Balkans: Airship raids on Salonika and their impact on the Allied war effort
10.20-10.40 Vlasis Vlasidis Feeding the armies
10.40-11.20 Discussion  
11.20-11.50 Break  
Mid-day session Ioannis Stefanidis (Chair) War of Words and Ideοlogies
11.50-12.20 Ivan Ilchev (Keynote) The international propaganda of the Balkan states in Europe in WW I
12.20-12.40 Nicole Immig German perceptions of the Balkan front
12.40-13.00 Marina Petraki Justifying War - The image of the enemy: Greek propaganda  during the Salonika campaign

George Th. Mavrogordatos (Keynote)

Resisting National Defense: Greek Mutinies and Desertions in 1916-18
13.20-13.40 Stratos Dordanas German propaganda in the Balkans during World War I
13.40-14.10 Discussion  
14.15-15.00 Lunch (Εnfant gâté)*  
Evening session Yannis Mourelos (Chair) Other Fronts
17.30-18.00 Mark Harrison (Keynote) "A pandemic of great intensity": Malaria and the Salonika Campaign
18.00-18.20 Natasha McEnroe & Christine Hallett "Oh, what a place to send troops to!”: The First World War nurses of Salonika
18.20-18.40 Lena Korma A different [deadly] enemy: Disease, particularities and politics in the Army of the Orient, 1915-18
18.40-19.00 Eirini Anesti Housing, infrastructure, social issues in Thessaloniki during World War I: the presence and role of the Army of the Orient, 1915-19
19.00-19.15 Break  
19.15-19.35 Tassos Anastassiadis When Fusion cuisine emerged in Thessaloniki: The poetics and mechanics of food in the Armies of the Orient
19.35-19.55 Richard Clogg The Macedonian front and the “weaponization” of antiquities: a “liberal act of international comity” or Realpolitik?
19.55-20.25 John Horne (Keynote) Unintended Colonialism? The Armée Française d’Orient and Macedonia, 1915-18
20.25-21.00 Discussion  
21.00-22.00 Dinner (Εnfant gâté)*  
Saturday 12 May 2018    
Morning session Dimitris Portolos (Chair) The National Schism
09.00-09.20 Dimitris Bacharas King Constantine: charismatic leader or puppet?
09.20-09.40 Theodosis Tsironis Beyond the Anathema: the Church of Greece as policy agent during World War I
09.40-10.00 Spyros Ploumidis Interventismo and the National Schism: parallel lives
10.00-10.20 Sotiris Rizas The question of Greece’s participation in World War I and Asia Minor, 1914-1915
10.20-10.50 Philip Carabott The Great War and the coming together of Zionists in Greece, 1914-1919
10.50-11.20 Discussion  
11.20-12.00 Break  
Mid-day session Roderick Beaton (Chair) Art and War
12.00-12.30 Paul Gough (Keynote) "A Spiritual World": the impact of warfare on the Salonika Front on British soldier-artists
12.30-12.50 Anthony Hirst Theodore Stephanides at the Macedonian Front, 1917-1918
12.50-13.10 Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith Gallipoli to Macedonia: Two differing literary and cultural images of war
13.10-13.20 Break  
13.20-13.40 Mary Mike Literary impression of the Great War: "Romiopoules" by Penelope Delta
13.40-14.00 Maria Nikolopoulou The first Greek “War book”: testimony as a discourse of contestation in "Life in the Tomb"
14.00-14.30 Discussion  
14.30-15.30 Lunch (Εnfant gâté)*  
Evening session Basil C. Gounaris (Chair) Aftermath
17.30-17.50 Elli Lemonidou Greece and the Macedonian Front: Discourses, evaluations and judgments in post-war Francophone sources
17.50-18.10 Glyn Prysor The real 'Gardeners of Salonika'
18.10-18.30 Helen Gardika-Katsiadakis War pensions in Greece: Healing the social wounds of a decade of war
18.30-19.00 Ioannis Stefanidis & Nikos Marantzidis Echoes of a distant past? Surveying contemporary public perceptions of the Great War
19.00-19.30 Discussion  
19.30-20.00 Break  
20.00-20.30 Sir Hew Strachan (Keynote) How did the First World War end? The role of the Salonika front
20.30-20.45 Basil C. Gounaris & Marianna Christopoulos Concluding Remarks
21.15-22.00 Dimitris Portolos Visit to Villa Kapantzi/Exhibition* 
22.00-23.00 Farewell reception*  
Sunday 13 May    
Field trip* Alan Wakefield & Vlasis Vlasidis Doirani-Polykastro-Goumenissa


*For the Conference speakers only