Museum of Casts and Antiquities

Position: Faculty of Philosophy, New Building, Basement level

Contents: ΤThe collection of about 700 casts of ancient sculptures hosted in the Museum offers students the opportunity to approach closely some of the most representative sculptures of the ancient antiquity. Their originals date from the Minoan to Byzantine times and today stand in many Greek and European museums. The Museum also hosts a remarkable collection of original artifacts of antiquity, with more than 2000 pottery fragments/vessels, miniatures and coins from the geometric to the Byzantine period, some of which are indicative of the region of Macedonia. In addition, the photographic archives of the Museum include over 7000 photographs.

Working Hours: Tuesday. Wednesday, Friday 09:00-14:00 (Hall A), Monday, Thursday 09:00-14:00 (Hall B)

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Tel: 2310-99.7210/7301

Director: E. Manakidou, Professor of Classical Archaeology, email:
Personnel: Dr. A. Kyriakou, email:
Museum Guard: A. Ganatsi