School Administration


Chair of the School of History and Archaeology
Eleni Manakidou, Professor, office 311, tel. 2310 997279

Deputy Chair of the School of History and Archaeology
Iakovos Michailidis, Professor, office 401, tel. 2310 997973

The Registrar’s Office
Administration Building “K. Karatheodori”, 2nd floor, Offices 208-209
Tel. 2310 99 5221, 5223-26, fax: 2310 99 5222; e-mail:
The Registrar’s Office is responsible for matters related to student registration, academic progress reports, transcripts, annual course registration and for any other administrative matter. It is open to the public on weekdays between 12.00-13.00.

Head of Secretariat
Vassiliki Chachopoulou, tel. 2310 998780
Administrative - Student Issues

Ch. Karampalis, Administrative personnel, tel.: 2310 99 5226
D. Daloglou-Paraschou, Administrative personnel, tel.: 2310 995221
S. Dedos, Administrative personnel, tel. 2310 995225
Postgraduate Studies
I. Kamana, Administrative personnel, tel.: 2310 995223