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School of History and Archaeology

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Archaeological Excavations and Surveys

University Excavations and Archaeological Surveys of the Department of Archaeology

The Department of Archaeology of the School of History and Archaeology has a long-standing tradition of excavations and archaeological surveys all over Greece and beyond. In the University Excavations the School’s undergraduate and graduate students with a specialisation in Archaeology take part in order to practice archaeological research in the field.

Especially for undergraduate students taking part in the University Excavations and Surveys can be in part fulfillment of the course AAA313 Excavation-Drawing, which is taught in two parts: the drawing and theoretical lessons in the classroom during spring semester and the practice in the following university excavations:

Prerequisites for grading of students on their participation in excavations conducted
by the Archaeology Department:

  • Students must be at least in their 5th semester of studies
  • Students must have earned a passing grade in drawing (AAA 313)
  • Students must take part in an excavation for at least 3 weeks
  • Students must turn in a written report (of up to 2,000 words) to the excavation supervising instructor on the object of the excavation after the end of the excavation period
  • The excavation grade of the course “Excavation – Archaeological Drawing” (AAA 313) is based on the written report turned in by the students and their activity and presence at the excavation site in general

Under the auspices of the Department of Archaeology also take place the following  Excavations and Archaeological Surveys:

The students (undergraduate and gradute) that wish to take part in the above researches (without getting grades) should contact the Professors responsible for each one.


+30 2310 000 000