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School of History and Archaeology

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Comparative Bone Collections

Location: Laboratory of the University Excavation of Toumba in Thessaloniki

Content: The archaeozoological collection hosts domestic and wild animal species (Eques caballus: horse, Bos taurus: cow, Ovis aries: sheep, Sus scrofa domesticus: pig, Capra hircus: goat, Canis familiaris: dog, Felis silvestris: cat, Lepus species: rabbit, Vulpes vulpes: fox, Mustelidae species: badger) and is temporarily housed in the Laboratory of the University of Thessaloniki Toumba excavation. The comparative collection is necessary for educational purposes and is used by postgraduate students and special researchers involved in the study of animal bones from archaeological sites.

Also, the Laboratory of the University Excavation of Toumba of Thessaloniki houses a small collection of human skeletons from the excavation of the site, which are used for the training of students in the anatomy of the human body. The collection includes individuals of both sexes and all age categories.
Phone: 2310-99.7179

Information: S. Triantafyllou

+30 2310 000 000