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School of History and Archaeology

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Byzantine and Medieval History

Location: Room 406-407 – 4th floor of the New Building of the Faculty of Philosophy
Phone: 2310 997440
Content: 8.000 volumes
95 series of Greek and foreign language journals
Photocopying: YES subject to conditions
Lending: YES conditional
Internet: YES
Opening hours: As of 02/10/2023, the operation of the study room is as per the table below

Opening hours of the Study Centre

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00-15:00 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00 09:00-14:00 10:00-14:00

Library Regulations 

Users of the library have access to the titles of the library’s documents:
α) Either through the web address where by selecting the entry “electronic resources” and then the entry “Library OPAC Catalogue” they can proceed to search their bibliography.
b) Either by coming to the Study Centre and searching for the titles of their literature from the special alphabetical, by author, catalogue located in the Library.

Smoking is not permitted, nor is the consumption of food and drink.  


The lending of books is carried out electronically with the “electronic lending card”, whose holders are members of the university community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.If a user of the Library no longer belongs to the university community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. or is an individual researcher can obtain his/her own e-lending card as an “external user” by paying the amount of 50 Euros together with a) a copy of his/her identity card, b) a recent photograph and c) proof of his/her scientific status from the Thematic Library of the Faculty of Philosophy, located in the New Wing of the Faculty (tel. 99.7306 and 99.7307).
The lending of books is divided into five categories: a) fortnightly, b) three-day, c) three-hour, d) monthly and e) off-lending The latter category includes sources, journals, those items in the main collection published before 1950 and those books that are used simultaneously by several users during the peak period. The fourth category includes the textbooks of Eudoxos. Users can check online, in the same way as they search their bibliography, whether the book they need is on loan, for how many days and from which library.



For the convenience of users, there is a photocopying machine in the Library, where books that are not borrowed are photocopied, unless they are old copies or worn-out items.


+30 2310 000 000