The aim of the endowed Chair of Pontic Studies, founded in May 2017, is to teach the history of the Hellenism of Pontus, incorporated into the great unity of the Hellenism of the East, during the Modern Times. Undergraduate courses contribute to the acquaintance and gradual education and “maturation” of students in matters of society, economy, ideology, coexistence with other peoples, etc. that concern the Hellenism of Pontus and the whole of the East, as well as the Black Sea Area, from the Fall of Constantinople and the abolition of the Empire of the Komnenoi until the Exchange of Populations (1923/4). It is necessary to point out that courses of History of Hellenism of the East (IEA) were offered in the past (in the 1990s and 2000s) in the School of History and Archaeology, with the emeritus professors Konstantinos Fotiadis and Artemis Xanthopoulou-Kyriakou.
In addition, the Chair provides the opportunity to attend postgraduate courses in the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of the School of History and Archaeology, an effort already begun in the spring semester 2016-2017 with the emeritus professor Artemis Xanthopoulou-Kyriakou – a university lecturer of many of the younger professors of the Department – and associate Professor Iak. Michailidis. The purpose of these lessons is no other than the creation of a “nursery” of young historians who will engage in their postgraduate and doctoral theses with the unexplored aspects of the rich history and culture of the Greeks of Pontus.

More Infromation can be found on the site of the Endowed Chsir of Pontic Studies