Students’ Internship (Partnership Agreement)

1. The School’s Internship is linked to FO AAA 312 of the OPUS (Old Programme of Undergraduate Studies) (6 ECTS) and STI 151 of the RPUS (8 ECTS). The Internship Regulation is available at the School’s website. Under the OPUS, the Internship is graded, while under the RPUS (Reformed Programme of Undergraduate Studies) it is marked “pass” or “fail”. It aims to familiarise students with the production process and their practical experience in real-world working conditions. The Internship is undertaken in the 4th year of studies or by the 10th semester at the latest. The duration of the Internship for each student is two full, consecutive months. The work at the host organisation is full-time, paid and insured, if it is arranged by the Internship Programme through a Partnership Agreement.

2. The criteria for selecting the students are determined by the School’s General Assembly and are available at the School website. According to these criteria, students are eligible to participate if they have completed the 7th semester of studies and the total duration of their studies has not exceeded the 10th semester. The School’s criteria for selecting students to take up Internships through the NSRF are: 1) The total number of courses they have successfully passed, which is a key prerequisite for their preparedness to work since they are so close to graduating. 2) In cases where the total number of courses is the same for several students, their grade average is taken into account. 3) If the grade average is also the same for some students, the marks they earned in their compulsory courses (C) are taken into account. Those with the same scores and students next in line are included on a list of runners-up strictly in order of priority.

3. In the RPUS, the NSRF Internship is selected in addition to the 42 courses (5th to 10th semester); it is recorded in the student’s transcripts and in the Diploma Supplement, but is not taken into account for the final diploma grade. It is only indicated whether the course was “pass” or “fail”.

For more information students can contact the Programme’s academic Coordinator for the School associate professor Melina Paisidou (office 311), as well as Mrs Efi Gavriilidou who acts as the programme’s office supprot.

Tel: 2310 997127