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School of History and Archaeology

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research in Archaeology (L.I.R.A.)

Director: S. M. Valamoti, Professor, Prehistoric Archaeology, email:

L.I.R.A. hosts the laboratory sessions of the following undergraduate courses: APR 601, APR 308.
Archaeobotanical courses are offered on a postgraduate level (M.A., PhD). The laboratory’s facilities are used by postgraduate and PhD students for the implementation of their analytical work. LIRA participates in national and European research projects (ELIDEK, ERC, Erevno-Kainotomo). It collaborates with various archaeological excavations (Toumba Thessalonikis, Nestor’s Palace-Pylos, P.O.T.A. Romanou, Dikili Tash, Kleitos, Kyparissi, Skala Sotiros and many more) and trains a small number of students in various field techniques for the retrieval of bioarchaeological remains. LIRA participates in various outreach activities.

+30 2310 000 000