History Archive


The History Archive was founded in the Faculty of Philosophy by the Presidential Decree of May 16th, 1927 (FEK 98/26-5-1927) and was organised by the Professor of Modern Greek History Apostolos Vakalopoulos, a few decades later. Since then, the responsibility for its function lies with the professors of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Folklore, and Social Anthropology.

It is housed at the Library of Modern and Contemporary History, on the 4th floor of the new building of the Faculty of Philosophy (no. 401). The collections were acquired either through donations or purchases and they include original documents, photocopies of documents or manuscripts, diaries, photographs, newspapers, historical maps, microfilms, and various material.

All the holdings of the History Archive are accessible to researchers, postgraduate students or PhD candidates for consultation without restrictions. The reproduction of the material depends on the physical condition of each item. Permission can be granted by the person in charge of the Archive.


General Collection (in Greek)

M. Spyromilios Collection (in Greek)

K. Vacalopoulos Collection (in Greek)

E-mail: istoriko.arheio@hist.auth.gr


Person in charge:

Eleftheria Manta, Assistant Professor of Modern Greek History
Tel. 2310 997500
e-mail: elefmant@hist.auth.gr